Tenqa Brings Bluetooth to Stereo

Tenqa Brings Bluetooth to Stereo

Posted: January 27, 2009 
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The speed at which new technology finds its way into our electronics market has maintained an incredible pace for many years now, leading to amazing innovations like the slew of wireless technologies currently dominating our work and play space. Bluetooth is one of the more recent wireless protocols to emerge as real force in our lives, allowing us to connect wireless headsets to our phones and transfer data between devices over short distances.

Now a small stereo equipment manufacturer called Tenqa is attempting to make this technology a prominent player in your home entertainment setup with its full range of Bluetooth stereos, speakers, headphones and more. The only cord on each piece is for electricity with all other connections taking place via Bluetooth; no more audio cable means less hassle during setup, a cleaner overall space and less potential trouble down the road.